Coleroon (Kollidam in Tamil) is a man made water body in South INDIA that provides lifeline to various water shortage areas in the eastern side of Tamil Nadu. Envisioned by the great king Karikala Chozhan, Coleroon was the product of a great engineering marvel THE GRAND ANICUT which was an attempt, far ahead of its time. The Kings vision to build this ecosystem that could sustain past thousands of years must have required sound knowledge of nature and conscious planning. The very essence of Architecture is to build lifelines and help the ecosystem sustain.

Coleroon Shore is a boutique architectural firm specializing in hospitality, RESIDENTIAL, housing, healthcare industries and Commercial interiors.

at coleroon, expressions aren't pleonastic neither neoplastic but is in harmony with the surroundings of the context by justifying beauty, looking at fluidity in nature and discrete in identity.

The firm is committed to design excellence and recognizes that just as important as design quality is its responsibility to keep a project within a client's Scope, Schedule and Budget, and excels at meeting these responsibilities through frequent and meaningful review of a project's goals throughout the design and construction process. The firm believes that such deep knowledge of execution, construction, and delivery is critical to the mutual success of both the firm and its clients.